Written in New York: Celebrating the Empire State’s Writers

New York is home to legions of great writers who work in theater, books, film, television or online—and, quite often, in some combination of these. Our contributions to the culture are the better for it.

Television writing started in New York. People who wrote films, or plays, or books found a new medium through which to tell stories and move audiences. Over time, the TV industry moved westward, but there are still hundreds of New Yorkers who write great comedy/variety, episodic, public affairs, news and other programs, and we want to celebrate their work.

The Writers Guild of America, East represents writers when they work for TV, screen, radio and digital media. We set up this blog to share the stories of some of our members whose writing thrives in the Empire State. In July, to celebrate New York writers and New York writing, we joined with the Dramatists Guild and the Authors Guild on the rooftop of our building. It was a spectacular evening of conversation and conviviality. We’ve hopefully captured some of that dynamism in the images and words found here.

–Lowell Peterson,
Executive Director, WGAE

One thought on “Written in New York: Celebrating the Empire State’s Writers

  1. debrakirschner says:

    Is there anywhere I could find a list of all the television shows with writers rooms in New York? Thank you!

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